Inteview with Erwin Jansen and Samuel De Volder of Nowadays Y&R

So Erwin/Sam, today is National Kid’s Day as well as you have actually possibly introduced one of my preferred campaigns of the last couple of years (well done). Tell us a bit much more about it and also what you are attempting to accomplish?

Sam: When children go missing out on, the good news is a (social) media storm tries via our lives: most of us reach see and also take part in spreading out the missing out on youngster notifies, making sure that all of us know the face of the missing out on kid. Luckily this typically causes solved cases. Nonetheless, when youngsters are not discovered back quickly enough, naturally focus declines, everybody carries on as well as we gradually forget them.

However not Youngster Emphasis, a Belgian organisation that aids parents of lost youngsters to manage this horror and also streamlines the search campaigns. They never ever shed hope and also keep on defending every child, while leaving no rock unturned. That’s why they wanted to raise attention as well as renew interest for the faces of kids that have actually been missing out on for ages.

Clearly being a charity organisation, Child Focus has no ways for huge media campaigns.

So we developed an as basic as almost unachievable idea: our king is portrayed on the 2 Euro coins. What happens if we could change his confront with the face of one of the kids? And also infuse over a million coins in our monetary system which will certainly act as probably among one of the most natural advertising and marketing tools ever before, the coins we spend and also obtain each day. Spreading from hand to hand, from mind to mind, from country to nation. Not just during the campaign, however, for months, and years to come. The goal being to firestart a project which brings back these faces to the public eye.

As crazy as it appears, that’s what we did. From today onwards, Liam Vanden Branden’ss face will certainly currently be an international symbol of hope. He vanished 20 years earlier.

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